The resident park owners and Warden personally attend to the management of the park and the well-being of all our visitors. We are always pleased to offer help or advise and always welcome your specific enquiries.

The office hours are 09.00 to 20.00 daily.

We wish to ensure that the park is a safe and family-friendly park, and would be very grateful if you would adhere to the following in order that we may make your stay with us a happy one. Failure to comply with the rules willresult in the parties involved being asked to vacate the park without recompense.

  1. Management Discretion  - The management of the park reserve the right to decline access to the park at their discretion and without explanation, even if a prior booking has been made (deposit will be refunded).

  2. Speed Limit - Please observe a 5 m.p.h. speed limit within the park and be respectful of children who may be playing and unaware of traffic.
  3. Dogs - Well behaved dogs are welcome on the park, however we do ask that they are kept on a lead and under control at all times. Dogs must not be allowed to foul on the park and all waste must be removed.
  4. Children - Please ensure that all children under the age of 10 are accompanied by an adult whilst on the park and at play. We would also respectively ask that children under the age of ten are also accompanied to the toilet block by a responsible family member.
  5. Noise - Please be respectful of our elderly and young visitors by keeping noise to a minimum before 9.00 and also after 23.00. We would be grateful if radios etc are not played loudly, in the open, or at a level that would be a nuisance to your neighbouring unit. Any unit making excessive noise after 23.00 will be asked to leave the park immediately without recompence.
  6. Ball games - Please ensure that children play all ball games in the designated play area and not around the pitches.
  7. Cycles - Not allowed.
  8. Fires and barbecues - Open fires are prohibited anywhere in the park. Barbecues are welcome on the park, however we would be grateful if all disposable barbecues are raised off the grass. Blocks can be obtained from the entrance to the tent field.
  9. Safety - Please ensure that all hook-ups are removed when the pitch is left overnight. This is a requirement of our fire safety regulations.
  10. Waste Water - Please ensure that all waste water is collected in containers and emptied at the designated Wastewater Point.
  11. Liability - The site and its facilities are used entirely at visitros own risk. Guests must ensure that their vehicle and personal insurance covers third party liability whilst within the park. No liability is accepted by us in respect of any person or property. Caravans being moved by us are moved entirely at owners own risk. The Proprietors may also require any person no observing the park rules, or creating a nuisance, to leave the park. In these circumstances, Penisar Mynydd shall not be under any liability to the persons involved and shall be discharged from further performance of its obligation. 
  12. Departure Times - Pitches are to be vacated by 12.00 noon on day of departure unless a half day extension has been requested and paid for.
  13. No drones or aircrafts to be flown on site.



accreditationPenisar Mynydd is accredited to both the AA and Cymru tourism. As such, the site is subject to regular inspection and must meet set criteria. We pride ourselves on the levels of cleanliness maintained on the site.

Dog Friendly

dog-friendlyPenisar Mynydd welcomes your family pet but they must be kept on a lead while on site, and of course, no fouling. The local countryside offers great walks in local woods, on local hills or the local beaches.

Site Wide Wifi

wifiIn this digital age, you dont have to do without access to your favourite internet services given site wide wifi access. Available on request with the charge dependent on data usage.

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